Des News: Keeping New Year’s Resolution Momentum

A pic of the easiest chicken dinner I refer to in the article.

The holidays seem like a distant memory- and so do a lot of our resolutions for the new year.  February is a rough month.  It’s cold.  It’s still dark.  For much of the country it’s still freezing.  Spring seems so far away.  Some of us are just hanging on.  While the gym is still busy, there is definitely a feeling of frustration among members who aren’t seeing or feeling the change they expected by now.

I feel ya.

Thankfully, my job doesn’t make my good health optional.  I have to show up.  I have to exercise.  I have to stay motivated so I can motivate others.  But just because I’m paid to do these things doesn’t mean it’s easy.  Over the years I’ve had to learn strategies to keep myself on track so I can encourage others to do the same.  I don’t have it all figured out, but I know I’m definitely further along in the process.  I feel good about where I am and where I’m headed.

So I’m sharing a few tips that have worked for me in keeping those healthy resolutions.  Remember change happens in small doses.  Be patient with you and the process.  It’s what we do when things get hard that defines us.  Enjoy the journey.

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Des News- Make Routines- Not Resolutions

Don’t worry.  This isn’t another column about how to make and keep resolutions.  I couldn’t write that because I’ve never made any.  Ever.  But I do believe in change.  I believe in fresh starts and self-improvement.  I see resolutions as consequences of our actions, not the catalyst for our actions.  In other words, create routines that create success.  Designing a structure to our day leaves less room for excuses.  Prioritize and plan.  Stuff happens, but it happens less frequently if we anticipate our needs ahead of time and plan accordingly.

Click on the link below read more about how creating routines can lead to success.

Holiday Teaching Schedule

Because of the holidays, I’ll be subbing a couple classes.  Starting in January, I’ll also be adding a couple classes to my permanent teaching routine.  Here’s where you can catch me through the new year. (Classes in BOLD are special holiday classes or classes I’m subbing)


Thursday Dec. 21-  Tville 24 Hour  9 am TBC

Tville 24 Hour 10 am cycle


Saturday Dec. 23-  Tville 24 Hour  8 am cycle


Tuesday Dec. 26-   Sandy 24 Hour 8:45 am TBC


Wednesday Dec. 27- SoJo VASA 5:30 am cycle

9th St. 24 Hour 9:15 am TBC


Thursday Dec. 28-    Riverton VASA 5:30 am cycle

Tville 24 Hour 9 am TBC

Tville 24 Hour 10 am cycle


Saturday Dec. 30-    Tville 24 Hour 8:45 am cycle


Monday  Jan. 1-       SoJo VASA 7 am cycle


Wednesday Jan. 3- SoJo VASA 5:30 am cycle

9th St. 24 Hour 9:15 am TBC


Thursday Jan. 4-     Tville 24 Hour 9 am TBC

Tville 24 Hour 10 am cycle


Friday Jan. 5-          SoJo VASA 5:30 am cycle NEW PERMANENT ADDITION!

‘Twas the Night Before Race Day

Taking a little break to spend the holidays with my family.  But before I do, I leave you with this little gem.

Twas the night before the race, when all through the house
No one was sleeping, not even my spouse.
My race clothes were laid out on the chair with care,
In hopes that the temperatures provided cool racing air.

The alarm clock was set, and an extra just in case
While I reviewed my splits and figured out my pace.
With my tummy full of pasta and snuggled in my bed
I closed my eyes, visions of PR’s dancing in my head.

When suddenly I was there, at the crowded starting line
Surrounded by runners whose shoes looked fancier than mine.
When what to my wandering eyes should appear
But Bart Yasso and friends, laughing at me. Oh, dear.

Lively and quick, the crowd appeared
Much quicker than me. I’d be trampled, I feared.
My stomach in knots, my palms getting sweaty
The start gun went off, but I didn’t feel ready.

The masses surged forward with a spring in their step
But I stumbled forward. I just had no pep.
Mile 1. Mile 2. They passed in a blur.
Suddenly the pasta within me began to stir.

I searched high and low for Honey Bucket relief
Before my stomach could give me more grief.
A brief pit stop and I was back on the course
Charging ahead like a Thoroughbred horse.

I passed by each aid station with volunteers so nice
Grabbing water and fuel and, if lucky, some ice.
They gave me high-fives. “Looking great,” they said.
I wondered if they were lying or just sick in the head.

Mile 12. Mile 13. I’m halfway there.
My stomach was calm. My legs felt fair.
I started to dream. I started to believe.
Maybe it’s possible, that PR to achieve.

The crowd had thinned out, but one runner remained.
He’d been with me from the start, but his pace started to wane.
He grunted, he spit, he shook out his hands.
With a grimace, he quit. But I had other plans.

Mile 17, 18. “You’re almost there!”
If I’d had the strength I would have thrown a chair.
I’m not almost there. I have eight miles to go.
The fatigue in my face was starting to show.

I took a deep breath and ate another chew.
This distance is too much. I think I’m through.
I’ll never run again. I’ll find another hobby.
Knitting or swimming or maybe karate.

Mile 22, 23. Only 5K to go.
I’m too close to quit. I can do this, I know.
My family is waiting and I want to go home
With my head held high and a medal to show.

Mile 24, 25. My victory lap!
One more mile and I can take a nap.
One step at a time, I’ll get there soon.
When I cross the finish line, I’ll feel over-the-moon.

Then suddenly what to my bleary eyes did appear?
The finish line and my sweet family, so dear.
Off in the distance, it seemed a mirage.
Just a few more steps and I’ll get my massage.

The crowds cheered me in as I sprinted ahead.
I’d made it! I did it! I wasn’t dead!
My feet crossed the mat with my hands to the sky.
I am a runner! I am! My joy amplified.

With my medal around my neck, chocolate milk I sought.
This feeling I feel simply can’t be bought.
I did something hard. I did something tough.
I did my best and it was more than enough.

As we walked to the car and headed home to shower
I felt grateful and happy that my legs had the power.
I waved to my friends as we drove out of sight.
Happy race day to all, and to all a good night.

-Kim Cowart

Happy Holidays!  This year, may the wind be at our backs!

When One Door Closes…

Last week was the first week in 12 years that I didn’t teach a Friday class.  It was the first week in 5 years I didn’t teach a Tuesday class.  Anyone who saw me the past few days probably sensed I was a little lost.  With the WJ 24 Hour closure, I realized I was missing more than just exploding jacks and squats.  I was missing my fitness family.  This week’s Deseret News column is dedicated to some of the most dedicated people I know.

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Annual Gift Giving Guide

Now that we’re done with Thanksgiving, it’s on to what our family calls Thanks-getting.  Just kidding.  We know the holidays really aren’t about the gifts, but let’s be honest.  We’re going to buy them, so let’s make the process a little simpler.  No guessing games.  Give your loved ones a list of items you really want.  That way they’re not spending money on a blender when you really wanted some new boots.

A few suggestions for the runner/exercise enthusiast/ wife with her own website  in your life.


 Run Ink Customizable Map

A lovely reminder of a momentous race or run.  100% customizable.  Starting at $23, these are thoughtful and beautiful.  Run Ink also customizes t-shirts and mugs.  Another favorite gift is the USA Map Race Tracking Chart that allows your runner to keep track of the races run in each state.


Feetures! Socks

Making an encore appearance this year are my favorite socks.  In full disclosure, I am a Feetures! Ambassador, but that’s simply because I truly love them. I’ve tried every sock out there, but always come back to these.  From no-show socks to compression socks, they never disappoint.


Mother Runner Shirts

I’m a huge fan of the AMR (Another Mother Runner) tribe, and was featured on a recent podcast episode about milestone runs.  Sarah and Dimity have created a community of support for women in every stage of life and every level of fitness.  You don’t have to be a mother or a runner to benefit from the advice, resources, and real-life speak of these women. Whether you’re a new mom training for your first 5K, a mom running away from a house full of teenage angst, or a woman/runner of experience tackling your 50th marathon, there is a place for you here.

If that weren’t enough, their lifestyle t’s and run tanks are some of my favorite items of clothing.  My favorite t reads, “I Run Things.”  Enough said.



Back in the good old days, I could run with my iPod Shuffle clipped to my tank and put my car keys in my back pocket.  Times have changed and my iPod is now an iPhone the size of a small brick.  FlipBelts can hold phones, keys, cash, credit cards, ID, and fuel in one snug belt that doesn’t bounce or slip.  My favorite is the Reflective PT Belt for $32.99.


Medal Holder


No explanation necessary.  Many are customizable and range from $30-$50.  This one from Gone For a Run.


Lotion for Dry Winter Skin

This may not be the most exciting gift, but I promise it will be the most used.  Winter running means winter skin.  That means, dry, chapped and flaky.  This Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Favorites Set is my personal favorite skin treatment.  Only $8 for all three!


AfterShokz Earbuds

We know it’s not safe to run or bike with earbuds, but even I can’t stand the thought of a long run in silence.  AfterShokz are a perfect compromise.  With no buds in the ears, you can listen to your favorite music or podcasts and still be aware of your surroundings.  Their wireless Trekz Titanium model will cost $129.95, but when it comes to safety, they’re worth every penny.  They also have wired options.


Cycleops Bike Trainer

I am a Schwinn Certified Cycling teacher and can testify to the benefits of cycling as a cross-training exercise for running.  For the days when I can’t run or just need a break from the pounding of the road, cycling is my go-to activity.  When the roads are too dangerous, the weather too cold, or the kids are out of school, hooking your road bike to an indoor training is a fantastic option.  Starting at $129, indoor trainers are much less expensive than a spin bike (CycleOps offers those as well).  Fire up Netflix and start pedaling.


Marathon Woman

The first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon tells her story in Marathon Woman.  To celebrate the 30th anniversary of that run, she ran the Boston Marathon again this past year.  This edition commemorates that momentous race.  An inspiring and fascinating read of an inspiring and fascinating woman.

Runner Crate

Have a runner who doesn’t know what they want?  Want to give a gift throughout the year?  A subscription to Runner Crate is the perfect solution.  You can give a 1, 3, 6, or 12-month subscription that will ship directly to your loved one’s home.  Filled with 4-6 snacks and 1-3 run gear items, it’s a great way for your runner to test and sample products and discover something they love.


Thanksgiving Day Cycle Class


Happy Thanksgiving.  I certainly have much to be grateful for, not the least of which is my health.  The best way to show gratitude for the gifts we have is to use them.  To show gratitude for a healthy body, we move.  Run.  Jump.  Bike.  Play.  We certainly did that this morning in the two-hour cycle class that’s become something of a  tradition.  It’s my favorite ride of the year on my favorite day of the year.


Click on the link below to read more.

Holiday Sub Schedule

Sub season is here.  Here’s where you can catch me the next couple of weeks in addition to my regularly scheduled classes.



Saturday Nov. 18-  Sandy 24 Hour Fitness.  Cycle.  8:30 am

Thursday Nov. 23– W.J. 24 Hour Fitness.  Thanksgiving Cycle.  7-9 am (team teaching with Jay in lieu of regular classes.)

Friday Nov. 24– Sandy 24 Hour Fitness.  Cycle.  8:30 am (W.J.  5:30 am class canceled for Thanksgiving holiday.)

Saturday Nov. 25– Taylorsville 24 Hour Fitness.  24 Tour de Cycle.  10 am.  (It’s a 24 Hour cycling event where all clubs will be riding across the country at the same time.)

Check back periodically for updates to the sub schedule.

Des News: First American Woman in 40 Years Wins the NYC Marathon.


After finishing my Sunday morning run with Shelly, I found my husband watching the women at mile 20 of the 2017 NYC Marathon. To my surprise, and American woman, Shalane Flanagan, was in the top 3. I’ve been disappointed before, so I watched with few expectations. Until at mile 24 she pulled ahead and never looked back. At mile 25 I dragged my girls in the room to watch the first woman in 40 years win the marathon. I couldn’t help but cry with Shalane as she wrapped herself in the American flag, overcome with joy.

I wasn’t the only one watching and weeping. Click on the link below to see what I and a few others felt as we watched that momentous moment unfold. Then go find a clip of the race and watch it for yourself. It’s inspiring in the truest sense of the word.

Another Mother Runner Podcast Episode

Each spring I highlight my favorite podcasts to listen to.  Another Mother Runner has appeared on that list more than once, and for good reason.  So I was honored to be a part of the latest episode #282 Real Moms Run Milestone Races.  Two years ago I ran my 40th marathon on my 40th birthday around Daybreak Lake, and what a run it was!  It was by far my slowest marathon, but it felt like it flew by (even if my legs didn’t feel like they were flying).  Take a listen as I describe the day to Sarah and Coach Amanda.  And stick around to listen to the other three mother runners relive their milestone runs.  One involves pie.  Mmmmm….  pie.

Click on the link below to listen, or download the podcast from iTunes or Stitcher.