Huntsman Donations

Marie and I after a 20-mile Huntsman Hometown Hero training run.

Almost everyone knows someone who has/had cancer.  Last year I lost a good friend and running mate, Marie, to cancer.  My aunt passed away from breast cancer three years ago and my dad has it now.  I’m not smart enough to cure cancer, but I am strong enough to help raise money to assist those who are.  This year I’ll be riding my bike at the Goldilocks Idaho century ride in July in an effort to raise money.

What does riding a bike do to help those battling cancer?  Nothing really.  But here’s the deal.  My body is healthy.  It works and it’s strong.  I can still do physically hard things.  To show my gratitude, I will use my body the way it was intended.  I will not waste my days and passively watch them go by.  It’s frustrating to watch perfectly healthy people waste their gift.  You don’t have to run marathons.  You don’t have to bike centuries.  But honor your health by doing what you can.  I choose to ride.

In my effort, I ask for donations.  Every penny counts.  Every cent goes directly to cancer research.  The Huntsman Cancer Institute is doing remarkable things and is on the brink of some amazing breakthroughs.  Help me help them and donate what you can.  You can donate online by clicking the link below, or you can donate to me in person.  Cancer sucks.  But we aren’t helpless.  There is always HOPE!