I Am Not a Number

Christian Cowart. Boston 2013 5K Now that's a guy who really enjoys his run.
Christian Cowart. Boston 2013 5K. Now that’s a guy who really enjoys his run.

It’s easy to allow numbers to define who we are.  How much we weigh.  How heavy we lift.  How far we run.  How fast we get there.  What size we wear.  How many calories we eat.  The problem is numbers don’t describe our character.  Numbers don’t identify drive, commitment, dedication, or desire.  You can’t measure the size of someone’s soul.  Working out, running, being fit and healthy isn’t about fitting into our jeans or looking good in a bikini.  It’s about feeling good.  Feeling strong.  Feeling like our best selves.  When we begin to focus on how we feel, all the superficial stuff falls into place.  I like fitting into old jeans.  I like feeling awesome in a bikini.  That, in itself, is not bad.  What’s bad is when it becomes the sole focus of our efforts.  Click on the link below to read more.


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